Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers Needed


Take pictures at games and team pictures.  Upload to our Shutterfly site.


Volunteer shifts begin 15 min. prior to the half time of the 1st game of the night, go through the halftime of the 2nd game of the night, and include shutdown after the halftime.

If you have not yet volunteered for a role that will render your $100 check to pieces, now is your chance! Volunteer for three (3) shifts in the concession stand during any home game, and your $100 check will be returned or shredded. This may be combined with ONE other volunteer event. (Potluck does not count.)  Please call Sheila at 678-451-0549 with any questions.  Click here to sign up for a slot.


The responsibilities for announcers are minimal. Sit in press box and announce starting line-ups, substitutions, goals, and read a few prepared statements (GHSA code of conduct, sponsors, etc).  teams, substitutions, and goals.  No play by play necessary, unless you want to.  For first game of night, arrive 45 minutes prior to kick off to set up press box.  For last game of night, arrive 20 minutes prior to kick off and stay a few minutes after game to put away microphone and shut down system.  Please help if you are able – it is a great view of the game and volunteering is essential to our program.  We would certainly consider mature students if interested.  Script and directions will be provided.

Clock Operators and Spotters

Sit in press box and set clock, stop and start clock on referee signal.   Assist announcer as a “spotter” to see jersey numbers, substitutions, etc.  Good idea to bring binoculars!  Operation instructions will be provided.

Game-day Dinner pick up volunteer

Pick up a pre-game meal for the boys at Subway, etc, along with drinks, snack and fruit.  Submit receipts for reimbursement to the Treasurer.  Drop it off by 3:30pm in Coach Romero’s room.  An order list will be provided.

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater volunteer

You have to opportunity to work during concerts and events at the Verizon Amphitheater to earn money towards your player’s AHS sports fees for the upcoming season.  Below is a link to sign up.  If you sign up, you will receive an email with additional details from the organizer.

There are various shows and concerts running from April through mid October that you can work and earn money.  Many families have been able to pay for their son’s soccer fees and Connor’s tennis fees completely.  It is a fun way to meet other Raider families, hear some excellent music and offset your son’s fees.  We have 3 booths we work in and sell and serve drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, so anyone working must be 21 or over.

Please note, working at Verizon does not qualify for the refund of your $100 volunteer check.

Sign up here if you are interested and let us know if you have any questions.

Senior Night

Coordinate Senior Night, which is very simple.  Pass out Senior Boards for families to put together, collect player bios, collect photos for jumbo tron and put together photos to show at Senior Night.  Work with girls’ team to get balloon arch, plants, etc., ready for Senior Night.  That night, set up field between girls’ and boys’ games and help as needed.  We need 1-2 people.


Coordinate the location, meals and awards for banquet at end of season. This will include decorations for tables and podium, greet people and pass out name tags, set-up, help as needed during event, and clean up after event.  Work with coaches and board to provide any needed support.  2 people plus additional volunteers.  Photo slide show.