Procedure for Care of Athletes

Alpharetta High School Sports Medicine

Procedures for Care:

If an athlete sustains an injury and needs medical attention:

If the Athletic Trainer (ATC) is on campus:
● Athlete can report to the Athletic Training Room, or
● Coach can call ATC to find out where they are on campus
If the ATC is not on campus:
● Coach can give athlete or athlete’s parent ATC’s contact information if urgent, otherwise instruct athlete to report to the Athletic Training room after school the following day

If an athlete sustains an injury and visits a doctor with or without ATC’s knowledge:

● Athlete is responsible for bringing paperwork from the doctor’s visit that list the athlete’s diagnosis and any activity limitations the doctor recommends to the ATC

If an athlete sustains a concussion:

● The athlete should be evaluated by the ATC initially
○ In most cases, concussions are not injuries that need to be seen in an urgent care office or an ER. The Athletic Trainer makes this call after an initial evaluation.
● The athlete should schedule an appointment with Dr. Dan Charek (Northside Hospital Sports Medicine) within a few days after the concussion was sustained
○ The MD must clear the athlete to begin the return to play protocol which is administered by the Athletic Trainer.


The Athletic Trainers, Lisa & Erin, cover all home varsity and junior varsity competitions. They arrive to the school around 2:30pm daily.

Lisa Anthony, MS, LAT, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer – Alpharetta High School

Erin Reece, LAT, ATC
Associate Athletic Trainer – Alpharetta High School