Northside Sports Medicine



The Northside Sports Medicine Team is proud to partner with Alpharetta HS to build better student athletes for success on the ball field and for life with services for every step of an athlete’s journey. Our multidisciplinary team of sports medicine physicians use the latest treatment modalities to safely return athletes to their sport as soon as possible. We offer a variety of specialists, including primary care sports medicine, orthopedics, rehabilitation and nutrition, among many others to ensure that athletes receive the best possible care for their specific needs, and are able to return to peak performance.

Athletic Training: Immediate injury assessment, care, follow-up treatment, injury prevention, education, and rehabilitation for students

Sports Medicine: Specialized non-operative, operative, and regenerative medicine techniques to repair injuries and correct bone, joint and soft tissue disorders, from our experts in PT, orthopaedic surgery and non-operative sports medicine

Concussion Care: Comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and management of concussion by concussion neuropsychologists trainer by the inventors of ImPACT

Performance & Nutrition: A range of services including functional motion screening with Fusionetics, ACL prevention, return-to-play protocols, sports nutrition, and recovery programs to help athletes optimize performance

Concierge Care: Complete 360 degree integrated sports medicine care with immediate access to our experts and consultants via our sports concierge and preferred partner appointments