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Game Day Volunteers JV:

JV Girls Parents to work Concessions

JV Pasta Dinners:

Soccer Banquet:

Game Day Volunteers Job Descriptions:

Announcer: Sit in press box and announce teams, substitutions, and goals. No play by play necessary. For first game of night, arrive 45 minutes prior to kick off to set up press box. For last game of night, arrive 20 minutes prior to kick off and stay a few minutes after game to put away microphone and shut down system. Press Box training required. It is offered one or two Saturdays before start of season.

Clock: Sit in press box and set clock, stop and start clock on referee signal, assist announcer as a “spotter” to see jersey numbers, substitutions, etc. Press Box training required. It is offered one or two Saturdays before start of season.

Spotter: Sit in press box and assist announcer with seeing jersey numbers, substitutions, etc. Good idea to bring binoculars!

Field Prep: Arrive at field 1 hour prior to kick off to place corner flags, move team benches, put padding on goal posts, and move track and field tables and equipment away from sidelines. (for first game only)

Field Put Away: Stay after game to put away corner flags and goal post padding. (for last game only)

Photographer: Take pictures and upload to share with team; also will use for slide show at banquet

Concessions: Work in the concession stand 6:45-9:15pm

Locker Decorations: Make a simple sign to inspire girls and place it on lockers prior to games. Can get into school at 3:30 the day before a game, before school on morning of game, or ask your daughter to do before school.

Pasta Dinners: The team gathers at one host home the night before certain games to eat together. Host and other parents prepare pasta dishes, salad, bread, and dessert and supply drinks (usually water). Takes about 5 people.

Senior Night: Need one person to oversee a group. Ahead of time, pass out Senior Boards for families to put together, collect player bios, collect photos for jumbo tron and put together photos to show, work with boys’ team to get arch, balloons, plants, etc ready for Senior Night. That night, set up field between girls’ and boys’ games and help as needed.

Banquet: This is a meal and awards banquet at end of season. A group will oversee set up of room at local hotel, decorate tables and podium, greet people and pass out name tags, help as needed during event, and clean up after event.