Healthy Roster

Healthy Roster is a free, secure program connecting parents and coaches with their school’s Certified Athletic Trainer. If an athlete is injured playing sports, help is one tap away.

Using Healthy Roster, parents and guardians are able to access a certified athletic trainer via chat, voice or video, track injuries and receive updates in a secure, HIPAA Compliant environment, and determine the best course of action. Coaches can follow along with their team’s roster and track athlete injury status.

Healthy Roster is your go-to platform for securely communicating with your athletic trainer. Stay up-to-date on injuries and return to play protocols. Have a question for your AT? Use the messaging feature to chat with your athletic trainer, loop in coaches, and even jump on a video chat if necessary. Need to upload a form? There is an in-app scanner so you can attach a document to your profile quickly and securely.

To get started using Healthy Roster, visit website below or download the App on your phone and register.

Healthy Roster is an invite-only app, so the athletic trainer must send you an email invite to become a parent user. When email is received, follow the instructions in the email.

**If you did not receive an email invite or cannot access your athlete’s profile, please email to get set up with Healthy Roster**


Visit Healthy Roster page on Youtube for introduction videos and instructional demos.

Healthy Roster Introduction Video:

Parent/Athlete Intro Video: